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Licensed Professional Counselor,

EMDRIA-Certified EMDR Therapist & Approved Consultant

Anything you do, let it come from you; then it will be new.

Stephen Sondheim from Sunday in the Park with George



James Desta is a Licensed Professional Counselor with experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings regarding issues related to depression, anxiety, addiction, and mood disorders.  However, his training and certification in Somatic and Attachment Focused (SAFE) EMDR also allows him to effectively address traumas and long-term mental health issues.  He has worked with diverse individuals of all age, but he has been involved extensively with children and adolescents in varying capacities, both in community and clinical settings.


Because getting help is smart, not crazy. 
Everyone deserves to be listened to without judgement.


Children, Adolescents, Adults, Individuals, Couples, and Families


Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Self-esteem Issues, Trauma (including complex/developmental),

Addiction, Relationship issues, Eating Disorders, Grief & Loss,

Career Issues, and Chronic Pain, to name a few.

A View


What does a session look like?

I don't pretend to know exactly what any one person is going through, because I'm not them and I've never been them.  As such, I don't believe it's my place to force my values and ideals down anyone's throat.  It is not my place to judge, and whatever you have to tell me can't be worse than what I heard in the kitchens of the restaurants I've worked at!   You can expect me to take you seriously, but you can also expect that I will not take myself too seriously, and that I am as open to levity as you are.


Here's a bunch of information that's going to save us *so* many emails.



I do offer Telehealth!  Details go out in Appointment Reminder emails.  Telehealth is an option for any scheduled appointment.



I'm always taking new clients!  My practice-wide rule is to limit everyone to 4 appointments scheduled at any one time, which keeps the wait time lower.  I recommend 2-3 weeks in between each one.



I'm fully credentialed with Blue Cross Blue Shield.  I'm also a 'Non-network Certified Provider' with Tricare East, which means they'll usually cover about 50%.



My client portal can help you securely store your card information, though we can talk about other arrangements if needed.



It's just me runnin' this thing!  Your best bet is to use the contact form to send me an email.  You can call and leave a voicemail if you'd like, but please leave an email address or expect a text message in response.

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201 East Side Square Suite 9
Huntsville, Alabama 35801

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